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Do you dream about having your best friend by your side during your wedding?

But you don't know who will care for them without missing key moments, what their involvement will look like, or how to get them there - then read on, friend, because we're here to help! 

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Talia McInerney with her Border Collie, Skue

Qualified & Insured

Not only does the team have a combined 15 years experience working with animals, but all chaperones are covered by Public Liability Insurance, so you can rest easy knowing your guests, vendors & venue are all protected.

Mitchell Burnes with his Border Collie, Skye

Meet & Greet

A 1:1 catch up so you can get to know the person caring for your pet. Held at a local cafe, we'll treat you to a coffee (and a pup-a-ccino) while you treat us to all the details about your wedding!

A spray bottle of Adaptil


Your pet will travel covered by commercial-level comprehensive insurance - which specifically includes animal transportation.

Safety is our top priority - so all dogs travel secured, with a big comfy bed and a spritz of Adaptil for comfort - easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Travel time starts at pick-up and ends at drop-off. Additional travel fees may apply if you live more than 40 minutes from our home location.

Courtney & Thomas Allan with Golden Retriever, Larry

Ceremony Chaperone

We arrive early so your pet can explore, greet guests and otherwise get the wiggles out! 

No matter you pets involvement, we guarantee to be there for them every paw of the way. Whether that is as simple as having them as a guest, or as involved as being your ring bearer - what ever your dream, we can help make it a reality!


Upon return, we help your pup settle back into home. This includes pats & play, ensuring access to fresh water and feeding them dinner. We can even administer any required medication(s).

A bowl of Ziwi Peak

Healthy, Delectable Treatos

It's a known fact that dehydrated treats can make your pet, well, dehydrated!


Which is why we use Prime100 rolls, cut into perfectly sized cubes, mixed with Ziwi Peak for your pups enjoyment. 


Prime100 is an independent, Australian owned company based in Melbourne. All their products are produced in collaboration with Australia’s leading Veterinary specialists and nutritionists. 


So it's no surprise that these moist little morsels are packed with nutrition to offer a healthy, delicious treat for your best friend!

Larry the Golden Retriever smiling in his dog tuxedo bandana as Ring bearer

Accessories & Attire

We hold a range of accessories and attire suitable for your wedding - including tuxedos (pictured above), velvet leads, bow-ties, flower crowns and neck signs. 

With sizes to suit all doggos and x2 of everything in our inventory - no one needs to miss out! 

Want your pup to match the wedding party? No problem! We are in contact with a range of suppliers who can help make something custom for your best friend. 

Text - Ready to know more?
Text - Ready to know more?


Prices start at $295 + Travel

(Calculated from pick-up to drop-off)

You may choose to add additional pets, a pre-wedding walk, bath & blow-dry, additional time and / or travel, and hire accessories.

View the range here.

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