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  • Gorgeous dogs in flower crowns and tuxedoes?

  • Having your best friend by your side on your wedding day

  • Making precious memories that last a lifetime

  • Knowing your pet is cared for by not only by an animal lover, but a qualified Veterinary Nurse (and her super helpful husband) 

dream about (1).png
  • You’re not sure how to get them there?

  • Aaaand, you already have enough on your plate – forget time to arrange grooming and accessories!

  • Plus, you're feeling worried about who will look after your fur-baby, without missing out on your ceremony or reception?

  • Or how you’re going to ask a friend to pick up dog poo, remember wee breaks and not care if they get fur on their clothes?


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Veils and Tails-91.jpg
dream about (1).png

Still not sure

Fiance not agreeing with the Pets-at-Weddings vibe?

Scared your dog is too boisterous, timid or anxious? 


Why not book a complementary Zoom call to get to know us a little better and chat over your concerns? 

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