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My name is Talia - Vet Nurse, Coffee Lover, Dreamer & Hopeless Romantic.

Together with my husband Mitch, we aim to make your Dog of Honour dreams a reality.

The year was 2019. We had just arrived home from our overseas elopement on the Isle of Skye (oh heck, she's Scottish!) and adopted our first puppy as a newly married couple. 

Her name is Skye. Can you guess why? 

Yep! Because I'm a hopeless romantic and I couldn't help myself. But hey, what'cha gonna do! 

Anyway, I digress. 

Our wedding had been... sudden. Intimate. Beautiful. But it was lacking one thing (other than guests, a reception and a cake) . . . my cat. My baby. My world. (read: spoilt AF)

Okay, yeah, I'm That Crazy Cat Lady, but honestly, I'm okay with it. 

It devastated me that she wasn't a part of my day. That I don't have any photos with her in my dress, or get a morning snuggle of support and love; and now that we had Skye, I couldn't help but think - if we had gotten married here at home, I 100% would have had her in the wedding. 

So! We officially created Veils & Tails. 

Fast forward to now, and we've seen this baby business of ours grow beyond our wildest dreams. Despite COV- no. Not going to say the 'C' word! Despite that, we managed to double our bookings in year 2.

So what did we do with that growth - put it to good use of course! 

TREES PLANTED: We plant a tree for every wedding we attend through an organisation called One Tree Planted. 

Check them out here.


100% PAPERLESS: Our entire booking process is online. No need to print, scan, copy, shred or otherwise bother with irritating paperwork! Quick, easy, simply and environmentally friendly!

CARBON NEUTRAL: We are proudly 100% carbon offset! All our travel is reported and offset by planting biodiverse forests to absorb emissions. 

SUSTAINABLE: We put a great deal of research into choosing our suppliers & products. So when you choose Veils & Tails, you do so with peace of mind. 

Whether as your

  • Ring Bearer,

  • Dog of Honour,

  • Seated Guest, or

  • Photo Champion

We promise to be there for your pet, every paw of the way. 


  • Training Resources 

  • Grooming, and 

  • Accessories / Attire


  • Secure Transport, 

  • Chaperone (yep, poop and all!) 

  • Play Time 

  • Nap Time

  • Snuggle Time, and 

  • Dinner Time



Still not sure

Fiance not agreeing with the Pets-at-Weddings vibe?

Scared your dog is too boisterous, timid or anxious? 

Why not book a complementary Zoom call to get to know us a little better and chat over your concerns? 


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