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No Planet B

Your wedding is helping us change the world. 

"the world does not need a handful of people living sustainable lives perfectly - it needs a million people living it imperfectly". 

We can't all do everything, but we can do something... and this is part of our something.

Planting a Tree

Trees Planted

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.
Forests absorb hurmful carbon from our atmosphere and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines! 

So, in honour of each pet chaperoned, we have a tree planted through 'One Tree Planted'. 

On average, each person uses 225+ kilograms of paper annually, with 40% of the world’s industrial logging focused on the paper manufacturing process.


All of our bookings are made, tracked and managed online - with zero need for printing, scanning, shredding or otherwise bothering with irritating paperwork!

Quick, easy, simple and most importantly, environmentally friendly. 


Working on a laptop
Penguins facing climate change

Carbon Neutral

Australia's ecological footprint is so large that if the rest of the world lived like we did, we’d need over three planets to meet our total demands on nature.

Which is why after years of research and doing better as we learn, Veils & Tails is now proudly 100% carbon neutral! 

Australia is one of the most important nations on Earth for biodiversity. In fact, most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world!

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy protects some of the nation’s most iconic and endangered wildlife including 72% of native mammal species, 88% of native bird species, 55% of reptile species and 54% of amphibian species on their 6.5 million hectares of privately owned land. 

Which is why we donate $1 per pet to this amazing cause.


australian quoll
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