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Introducing the original Tuxedo Wedding Bandana! 


These stunning pet tuxedos are made to order and are completely customised to your pets measurements for the perfect fit. Each tuxedo is hand-made with love and it takes around 10 hours in total.


The tuxedos can be made for all pets - even cats and rabbits! 


The Custom-Made

Want your pets tux to match your groom, or the groomsmen? No worries!

Pocket square? No pocket square? You choose! 

Bow tie? Neck tie? No tie? You tell us and we'll make it happen. 


- Let us know what colour(s) you need and we will do our best to match. If you've had your suits custom made, we can even contact the tailor to try and use the same fabric! 


How to Wear 

These pet tuxedos simply slip over the collar - so easy! Your pets collar slips into a tunnel and is fastened as normal, making it invisible beneath the tuxedo. This style is a lot safer to use and more duarbale that the traditional 'tie' bandanas. 

Custom Tuxedo