Splish, Splash, I was taking a (Hydro)Bath! 💦

No one likes a stinky doggo - especially not at a wedding! It doesn't matter how cute or floofy they are, the last thing you want is your guests getting a whiff of that dog smell 🙅🏻‍♀️

After posting my stories on Instagram last weekend (showing the journey of our very first wedding with Daisy & Floyd!), I had quite a few people reply with um Talia… what is that you are bathing the dogs in?

The answer - it’s a hydrobath - seemed to spark more questions than it answered.

As a vet nurse in my trainee days, I was first exposed to a hydrobath as a tool for helping dogs with skin conditions - such as dermatitis, allergies and hot spots. The vets explained to me that a hydrobath is the perfect way to take excellent care of your dog’s skin and coat, whilst pampering them at the same time.

I was allowed to use the hydrobath to clean my own dog and was amazed at the difference! Suddenly, she wasn’t dropping as much fur around the house; and the wash lasted a LOT longer.

Hello, clean floors! Goodbye, daily vacuuming! 👋🏼

This is where my love of the hydrobath began, so when I started Veils & Tails, there was no question as to how I planned to help groom my client’s pets.

But, what is a Hydrobath? 💦

It is basically a big bathtub with two tanks. One tank is filled with water and shampoo, the other with plain warm water.

It has a jet hose and recirculation pump to help produce a high volume of water, which is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest of coats, right down to the skin for a gentle massage – and dogs LOVE it! 🤗

This gentle, consistent massage can even help relieve arthritic discomfort, increase blood circulation and relieve tired muscles (🙋🏻‍♀️where do I sign up?).

The jet-action helps to clear stubborn dirt or grit that clings to the natural oil layer of your pet’s coat; and also removes dead fur, reducing shedding – no matter the coat length!

What I love the most about it though, is that the hydrobath only uses an average of 20 litres of water per dog wash.

As you use the water, it recirculates back into the tank and out again, ensuring you reduce wastage!

It is a HUGE decrease on how much you use in a traditional home bathtub or using the backyard hose! 👏🏼

To finish the wash, I towel-dry and then use a blow dryer to dry the coat. I avoid using human hair dryers due to potential burn risk (we have much higher heat settings), longer drying times, and because many dogs can be fearful of the noise.

So instead, I use a professional temperature-controlled pet dryer to ensure the coat is completely dry and help to remove any remaining dead fur - ensuring your pets coat is at at it's best (and healthiest!) for their wedding-day debut.

🐶 One clean, pampered doggo coming right up!

My Beautiful Girl, Skye. Captured by Fluff & Stuff Pet Photography.

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