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We're there for your pet. So your pet can be there for you. 

If you want your pet at your wedding but between travel logistics and organising their participation it all seems impossible... 

then we've got your back, Jack! 

Dog Quote: Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them most
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Veils & Tails founder, Talia McInerney Burnes sits smiling at the end of the aisle with Frankie the dog ring bearer. Frankie is wearing a big white bow that holds the wedding rings.
Text: My name is Talia
Text: Welcome

Qualified Ex-Vet Nurse,

Coffee Lover, and 

Hopeless Romantic!

My team and I are here to help bring your pet to your wedding, in a secure, stress-free way that helps make your wedding the day of your dreams! 

Bridge & groom at their wedding smiling witht their Golden Retriever Dog. Dog wears a black and white pet tuxedo as the ring bearer.
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Larry the Golden Retriever smiling in his dog tuxedo, carrying the wedding rings as official ring bearer
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